EPILEPSY (Falling frequent sickness)

This ailment refers to the falling unconsciousness. This
ailment occurs in all the ages of a person. Especially in the
childhood and in early adult age.
Symptoms ,
1. Momentary and the sudden loss of consciousness.
2. Violent contractions of the arms and legs.
Develops convulsions, with foaming in the month
4. The patient bites the tongue in the unconscious condition.
5. Suffers from the deviation of the eyes
6 Miserable suffering by the twitching of the muscles.
1 Because of serious shocks to the injuries in the brain
2 Injury to the brain or nervous system.
3. By the other diseases like typhoid.
4 Because of allergy reaction in the diet.
5. Because of lead poisoning and alcoholism.
6 Because of mental conflict.
7. Due to the deficient mineral assimilation.
1 Carrot juice combined with beetroot juice is to betaken daily
2. Fruits juice by apples, figs, grapes thrice a day at least for three months
3. Juice of the herb, brahmiboots with tea spoonful of honey
4. Valerian herb is also found beneficial for the cure of this disease.
1. Three meals a day with fresh fruity juice.
2 Well balanced diet there after
3. Refined foods, sugar products should be avoided.
4 : Coffee, tea, condiments and pickles should also be avoided
5. Over eating should also be given up.
6. Avoidance of mental and physical strain and stress.
7. Fixed timings for meals and rest.

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