To energize your Feng Shui luck for the office

“To energize your Feng Shui luck for the office, place a model or replica of a sailing ship near (he vicinity of the entrance door. The sailing ship is sailing inward toward the inside of the office. Do not let the sailing ship face outward, as if it is sailing away. Then fill the sailing ship with as many kinds of precious stones, gold ingots, coins, and real money as you wish. The idea is to suggest a ship loaded with rich and abundant cargo. You can fill the ship with symbolic gold in the form of fake gold ingots, which are readily available. If you cannot find these fake gold ingots, then place coins and money inside the ship instead.
Exactly the same thing can be done for the home. Get a sailing ship and display it near your front door, then position it so that it sails inwards bearing gold and riches. Please note that a ship with sails to “catch the wind” is deemed more auspicious than any other kind of ship, so shop carefully for the right kind of sailing ship. Never place the model of titanic ship as it was a ship which was drowned, always place a successful ship.
Also, for this ritual you can use a single sailing ship or many different ships anchored in your home or office to simulate a harbor. Many ships represent many sources of income. If you are able to purchase several ships to place inside your home then each should sail from a direction that signifies success for each member of the family, as this ensures that everyone benefits.
It is also good to include some wealth accessories for your wealth ship to make it more effective. You can get small ingots, I-Ching Coins or Citrine pebbles and place it on top or surrounding your wealth ship. These symbolize lots of wealth sailing into your home or office.

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