Emmenagogue: S-Rajastha-paníya

Emmenagogue:    [S    Rajastha-paníya    or          Raktabhisarana] Pungent and bitter

Uses: For promoting and regulating menstruation (including PMS, uterine tumors, or infections). Clears blood congestion, blood clot; builds the blood; moistens female reproductive organs; coun- teracts aging and poor nutrition;

Herbs: Aloe, angelica, hibiscus, jasmine, licorice, myrrh, peony, rose, saffron, ¤hatávarí


Cold Herbs: Menstrual or uterine infections, bleed- ing; anger, and irritability: Blessed thistle, chamo- mile, chrysanthemum, hibiscus, mañjißhþhá, red raspberry, and rose


Heating Herbs: Delayed menses (from overexpo- sure to cold), overexertion, nervous anxiety: Angelica, cinnamon, ginger, myrrh, safflower; used for antispasmodics, uterine cramps; diuretic for PMS, water retention; hemostatics tonic, rejuvenative.

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