Effectiveness of homeoprophylaxis for infectious disease prevention

Background: North America has the highest Autism rate in children of anywhere in the world with the current data (2013) revealing 1 in 50 being afflicted. Chronic disease in children, including allergies, asthma, skin conditions and various developmental delays are also increasing. Currently the US has the highest vaccination rate of any country with legal pressures mounting to rescind available vaccine exemptions. There is no viable alternative to ever-increasing recommendations for vaccines that are filled with toxic chemicals and administered in methods deleterious to immature immune systems. The development of a safe, green and effective method of disease prevention will support the healthy education of growing immune systems and improve long-term health outcomes of children. Homeopathic nosodes targeting eight different diseases are administered to infants and children by parents and caregivers over a span of 44 months and overseen by trained healthcare practitioners. Data is collected at regular intervals to assess health parameters while tracking the ongoing health status of subjects over a period of five years. Ongoing educational and support programs are in place to facilitate effective implementation and oversight of this low cost, easily adaptable program.

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