ECZEME Skin Rash Chronic

This is one among the skin diseases. This results in the formation of vesicles. This is the painful and trouble some skin diseases.
1 The patient observes that the skin itches at all stages.
2  Very painful during the night-time,

3  In its acute form, it there will be redness in the skin.
4. If presents the formation of minute besides.
5. Forms crusts on the skin, whenever it accumulates.
1 This is a constitutional disease.
2. This results from a toxic condition of the human system.
3 Because of this system, the excretion work of poisons from various parts of the body stops.
4 This also occurs because of certain feelings like jealousy etc.
5 Other main Causes are 1) Nutritional, emotions, faulty metabolism and also constipation
1 Musk melon is the best beneficial remedy for this disease Eczema.
2 Should be taken daily three times at least for 40 days.
3 The pulp and the skin of the mangoes fruit should first be summered in a cup of clean water for an hour and then to be strained in the form of lotion This lotion should be applied on the parts of the skin, where the disease is occurred many times daily, at least for a week.
4 Even by applying the fresh juice from the finger millet leaves, may be applied to get the quick cure.
5 Carrot juice with combination of spinach juice is also the best remedy in the treatment of this disease
6 By using one or two tea spoonful of sunflower oil is also beneficial for the cure of this disease
1 Only the sweet and fresh fruits of the best variety are to be used.
2 In the start, a fast of orange juice and a cup of water is to be used for a couple of weeks.
3  Steamed Vegetables with bread and chapatis is the best diet food, after a several days of fast.
4  Coconut oil instead of ghee, is better in usage.
5  Care to be given mainly for a well-balanced diet,

6  Tea, Coffee, and alcoholic beverages should be avoided.

7  Even condiments, sugar white flour products should be minimised in usage.
8  High flavoured dishes should be avoided.

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