EAR DISCHARGE Pus coming out from the ear

Commonly this ailment is caused by the infection in the middle ear During this time, pus will be coming out from the ear This ailment is also known as “ottorrhoea” in the medical science

1 Causes because of the infection due to boils eczema.
2. This type of cause may also lead to a discharge of pus in the external ear
1 Two to three drops of mangos oil may be put into the affected ear
2 Onion-juice may be dropped into the affected ear, after warming the juice, for a week 2-3 times daily
3. By putting the breast milk of the mother into the affected ear
1 Fresh juicy fruits should be used in the beginning for 2- 3 days
2 Well balanced diet, then afterwards
3 White flour and white sugar products should be completely avoided
4 Even the pickles and condiments should not be utilised
5 Milled rice, sugar etc should he given up
6 Warm water enema should be used for cleansing bowels
7 Regular exercises are beneficial for curing this ailment
8 By making the patient to sit in the sun light for a little while daily
9 Fresh air and sunlight should be provided to the patient quite sufficiently

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