EAR ACHE Ailment in the ear

This is a very common ailment in the ear at all the times. It is because of certain disorders in the ears. Occurs from infection mostly in the outer ear canal or the middle.
Symptoms and Causes
1. Outer ear canal gets infected mostly in summer. That too while swimming.
2. This ailment in the ear, may occur in the form of itches.
3. The patient feels foul-smelling.
4 Middle ear infection mostly occurs in the ears of the very young children.
5 During this time, fever accompanies.
6 There will be vomiting.
7 May be accompanied even by nausea and diarrhoea.
1. Garlic use is considered to be a best remedy for this ailment for cure. This is used in many a way during this period. Some cloves of garlic should be warmed and mixed with a little salt The mixture should be wrapped in a piece of cloth and be placed on the part of the painful ear.
2. Garlic oil with tea-spoon of any sweet oil (except the ground nut oil) should be heated to the brown colour. After cooling and filtering a few drops may be put into the ear, affected to get the immediate relief.
3. The juice of the holy basil leaves should be extracted and should be put in drops into the affected ear.
4 The leaves of dhathura leaves is also found beneficial. This juice should be boiled in a teaspoon full of sesame oil and drops may be put into the affected ears. The oil should be well filtered before putting the drops into the affected ear.
5 The lukewarm juice of marigold flower should be extracted. Two-three drops of the juice should be put into the affected ear to get immediate relief
6 Some seeds of the herb, bishop’s weed should be heated in the milk till the essence of seeds comes out. The juice should be filtered and poured in drops into the affected ear.
1 The patient should be put on all fruit diet for a week in the beginning.
2 There after wards the patient may practice to utilise the highly cooked vegetables as “well balanced diet.”
3 The products of white flour and white sugar should be avoided.
4 Even the flesh foods, condiments, pickles etc. should also be given up.
5 Warm water enema should be used for cleansing the bowels.
6 Fresh air and light is sufficiently essential for the patient during this ailment.
7 This provision helps to stop the discharge of pus, coming out from the ear.

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