Do homeopathic pathogenetic trials produce consistent and recognisable symptom pictures? Results from a pilot pathogenetic trial study

Background: Homeopathic Pathogenetic Trials (HPTs) are a key foundation of homeopathic treatment as they provide the set of symptoms characteristic of a particular homeopathic medicine, commonly referred to as a ‘remedy picture’. The ability of a practitioner to identify a homeopathic medicine suitable for the patient, based on these remedy pictures, underpins the successful clinical practice of homeopathy. In modern times, protocols for administrating HPTs have been established, influencing most trials conducted since 1994. Researchers have used HPTs to explore whether participants can identify symptoms of a known homeopathic medicine and are able to differentiate symptoms from placebo and other known homeopathic medicines. A meaningful and relatively unexplored question is whether multiple HPTs of the same homeopathic medicine produce consistent sets of symptoms.

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