Diuretic: S- Mutrala Karma

Diuretic: [S- Mutrala Karma or Mutra-virehana; H Peshabjari Karnewali] PK V+

Uses: For increasing urination; promoting kidney and urinary bladder activity; reducing and remov– ing toxins; reducing water in all tissues (dhátus). Three forms of diuretics:

stimulating: stimulates kidneys during their elimi- nation (e.g., pepper, juniper)

hydragogue: raises blood pressure in the glomeruli (e.g., digitalis, caffeine)

refrigerant: washes out the kidneys (e.g., drinking lots of water)

Herbs: Apámárga, a¤hwagandhá, barberry, carda- mom, cinnamon, ginger, gotu kola, gokähura, guæúchí, licorice, musta, punarnavá, sandalwood,¤hatávarí, shilájit, vac

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