Diaphoretic: S- Svedana Karma

Diaphoretic: [S- Svedana Karma or Svedaníya; H-Pasina Lanewali]


Uses: For promoting perspiration, circulation; dis- pels fever and chills; for eliminating surface toxins; relieving muscle tension, aching joints, and inflammatory skin conditions; bringing water down through urine; cold and drying in nature; relieving diarrhea, dysentery (dispels damp heat), kidneys, liver, urinary, and gall bladder disorders; dispel- ling stones of kidney and both bladders (lithotrip- tic); genitourinary disease (i.e., herpes), edema; painful, difficult, or burning urination or infections; first step in healing the disease.


Herbs: Two kinds exist: hot and cold:


Hot: Raise body temperature, dispel chills and colds; stimulants, expectorants, antiasthmatic, and antirheumatic.


Hot herbs: Ajwan, basil, cardamom, cinnamon, eucalyptus, ginger, juniper berries, and parsley. P+++


Cold: Bitter-pungent, high fever, sore throat, tox- ins in blood, alterative, diuretic, cleanses lymph and plasma, subtle channels and capillaries, lungs, respiratory, open mind, práòa,sinuses, stimulate nervous system, liver, moistens, soothes, and protects kidneys; fevers, infections, liver, gall bladder, steam bath, sauna (keep head out of box), hot bath, etc. Cold herbs: Asparagus, barley, burdock, chamomile, chrysanthemum, co- riander, dandelion, fennel, gokßhura, marshmal- low, punarnavá, spearmint

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