Dates (Kharjúra)

Dates (Kharjúra)

Energetics: Sweet/cold/sweet VP- K+ in excess. V+ if dry

Action: Nutritive, tonic, aphrodisiac, one of the best fruit strengtheners, demulcent, laxative, refriger– ant, febrifuge, expectorant

Indications: Tonic with almonds, restorative with milk or kefir, for weak children, lung disease, con- valescence, febrile disease, asthma, increase se- men, strengthens reproductive systems (may be added to herbal formulas as tonic). Good for wast- ing diseases and injuries. Date sugar is a good source of iron. Good for cough, gonorrhea. Plan- tain, Dates, Coconut: Sweet-cold-sweet. VP- K+. relieves burning, lungs, TB, bleeding; increases reproductive fluid, hard to digest.

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