DaatakI, Dhai-phul, Woodfordia floribunda Salisb

Sanskrit: Dhátakí



Hindi: Dhai-phul

English: None

Latin: Woodfordia floribunda Salisb. (W. frut icosa; kurz; Lythrum fruticosum Linn.)

Part Used: Flowers, leaves

Habitat: Large shrub found throughout India Energetics: Astringent, slightly pungent-cold-sweet PK- V+ Tissues: Plasma, blood, reproductive Systems: Reproductive, excretory

Action: Stimulant, astringent, tonic

Uses: Herpes, flowers in milk—dysentery, diar– rhea, etc. Flower powder—mucus membrane dis- orders, hemorrhoids, liver disorders, internal hem- orrhage; leukorrhea, menorrhagia. Leaves—bil- iousness, headache, fever. Externally, flower pow– der—ulcers, wounds; decoction as a lotion. Preparation: Infusion, powder

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