Coughing (Our negligence in Respiratory Disorders)

The air passage of lungs are peculiar. They are lined w its cell. They will be secreting mucus. This mucus traps I mi tides of dust etc.
When the membranes in our body are infected or mil.imed, the secretion work of this mucus becomes increased I incase of such increase the air passage of lungs becomes h i Hated. Coughing commences as the result.
I the patient, in this condition, draws the deep breath in.

2 The action of chest becomes irregular and a sort of pressure builds up in the chest.
3 The explosive discharge of air sweeps through the air passage outflung.
4 this action irritates the larynx bronchi.
The main cause for the coughing is
1. Due to the change in whether or any seasonal changes.
2 Due to wrong feeding habits.
3 Because of eating more catarrh forming foods like bread, meats puddings etc. in the winter season
4 Because of over clothing with heavy undergarments in the winter season, which prevents proper aeration of our body skin
1 By using grape juice with honey. Because of this usage the lungs get cleared gets relief by the simple cold.
2. U sage of raw onions is also beneficial for cold relief and dry cough. Some kernels of onions should be soaked in the water complete night Next morning, should be well grounded after removing the brown layer on them, till the nice paste comes out Some butter and sugar should be added to the paste, should be taken for few days daily in the morning and evening once Instead sugar and butter, we may use even honey
3 Aniseed is a good home remedy when the patient suffers from dry cough because it breaks up the mucus.
4 When there is a dry cough the powder by the root of turmeric plant becomes useful, if taken daily once in the morning and evening with the suggestion of the doctor
5 Almonds are the effective home remedy for dry cough Some kernels of almonds to be soaked in the water the whole night Brown skin to be removed should be grounded well in full paste, some butter and sugar should be added and taken once in the morning and evening both
6 While the patient suffering from the severe cough it is better to adopt fast on orange juice, till the cough reduces.
7 Gradually the patient may take all fruit diet
8 Better to use the fresh juicy fruits like apples, Pineapples,
oranges etc.
9 The patient, suffering from cough may adopt a well-balanced diet.
I. Meats, condiments, pickles, refined foods, should not be used.
‘2 Candies, ice creams and all products made up of white flour and sugar should be avoided.
3 Warm water enema is essential in severity of cough to cleanse the bowels

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