CORONARY HEART DISEASE. (Disease In Coronary Artery)

This disease is caused because of the improper work in the coronary arteries is supplying sufficient blood to till heart resulting to the heart attack and also sudden death.
1 Shortness of breath because of the oxygen deprived by blood.
2 Light chest pain or the arm-pain
3  Hands and feet feeling cold.
4  Feels fatigue and tired.
5  Perspiration coming out frequently.
1  Because of meals – taken improperly

2 Because of various types of stresses.
3  Lack of physical exercise.
4  Because of worries and tensions
5 High blood pressure and excess of heavy work.
1 Grape juice and fresh grapes are beneficial to prevent this disease.
2  Apple jam may be used for the recovery of this disease.
3 Honey is the best remedy in improving the circulation of blood.
4  foods containing vitamin C & E are also marvelous i comedy in protecting the capillary walls.
5  The use of onions have been found useful to heart disease. The patient should take a tea-spoon full of onion H lice daily in the morning as well as in the evening.
6 . Safflosium copia prepared by sunflowers may be used liberally to lower the blood Cholesterol.

1  The patient should always be lacto vegetarian when suffering from this disease
2  White flour products, chocolates sweets etc. to be  avoided.
3 Tobacco, alcohol, fatty meats, cream etc. should also  be given up

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