CORNS (Common Thickening of the Skin)

The is a sort of localized thickening of the skin, especially
on the toes. The corns extend into the subcutaneous tissue
commonly these are painful, though small
1. Mostly corns occur over the joints of the toes and on the soles of the feet.
2. They are tender to touch
3 They are in shape of pyramids.
4 Seems to be painful when they occurred on the soles of the feet.
I Because of a result of pressure on the toes and incorrect
use of the footwear.
2. Because of walking on the muddy w altered places, in the rainy season
1 By tieing the slices of the fresh lemon over the painful past of the corns at night, allowing to remain in the some condition throughout the night.
2 The paste of the grinded liquorice sticks, mixed with the sesame oil, to be rubbed at the place of pain on the harden skin, before going to bed.
3   Even the chalk powder paste, can be applied over the affected area is found to be beneficial in this ailment
4  By applying raw papaya juice on the painful part for some days at least twice daily
5  The milky juice of green figs may be applied on the spot of corns on the skin daily twice, without stopping for a week.
6   Fruits and vegetables containing Vitamins and minerals, should be used in the daily diet.
1 Shoes, not to be used in this condition
2 Medicinal corn removing plasters like corn caps, available in the medical shops to be utilised
3. When the corns occurs between the toes, the feet should be washed smoothly daily, with the application of the mild talcum powder.

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