Home Remedies with CORIANDER

To make pregnant women avoid retching and vomiting, make a fine paste of one teaspoon of coriander seeds in water, which has been used to wash rice and rice removed. Add sugar to the liquid and give it to them.
To stop vomiting, take powdered coriander seeds, squeeze it well in a cup of water, filter the seeds out and add sugar and milk to the decoction and drink it.
To get cured from stomachache, make a decoction of coriander seeds and dry ginger in water and consume it.

To prevent vomiting, especially in pregnant women, soak pounded seasoned rice in water, squeeze and filter out the liquid. To one cup of this liquid add one spoon of coriander powder, little sugar candy and mix well and filter out to remove the coriander powder. Give this decoction to the patient.
To get relief from urinary irritation, add half a spoon of coriander powder with a little jaggery to tender coconut (coconut water) and take it twice a day.
To get cured from Liver problems, sour burps and retching and also to improve digestion regularly drink a decoction of coriander seeds and sugar in water.
To get relief from chest pain, follow this procedure.
Take powdered coriander seeds and soak it in water for a couple of hours. Squeeze the coriander seeds out and mix the liquid with sugar and milk, and drink.
To treat pimples and scars, take the juice of parsley (coriander leaves), add lemon juice and apply the mixture regularly to the affected area of the skin.
To get rid of mouth ulcer (soar mouth), take a little coriander powder, mix it with honey, keep the mixture in the mouth and suck the mixture for some time.
To get cured from Tuberculosis, respiratory problems and improve lung functioning, take one spoon of juice prepared from parsley (coriander leaves), add one spoon of honey and take it after dinner every night. This also improves brain efficiency.
To prevent tooth decay and avoid foul smelling mouth, chew green parsley (coriander leaves) regularly.
To fight Iron deficiency, use green coriander leaves regularly for lunch and dinner

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