Chitrak, White Leadwort, Plum- bago zeylanica Linn.


Sanskrit: Chitrak


Hindi: Chitra

English: White Leadwort

Latin:   Plum bago  zeylanica Linn.

Part Used: Root, root bark, seeds

Habitat: Throughout In- dia

Energetics: VKP, agni + Tissues:

Bones, plasma, blood, reproductive

Systems: Nervous, female reproductive

Action: Stimulant, caustic; digestion, antiseptic, antiparasitical

Uses: Sprue, worms, dysmenorrhea, small doses stimulate the central nervous system, externally used as paste it opens abscesses and used for skin diseases and ulcers; colitis, indigestion, hemor– rhoids, anasarca, diarrhea, gas, rheumatism, and all joint pains, promotes sweating. Tincture of root bark- intermittent fevers.

Preparation: Paste, powders, pills, tincture Precaution: Do not use when pregnant; use only in small doses. Due to its very hot nature, it can cause abortion

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