Chicken Pox (Viral Fever with Rash)

This is contagious disease. This disease occurs only to i lie small children in between the age 3 to 5 years commonly.
1 This disease begins with a light fever.
2 Head ache also occurs mildly.
3 The patient feels very much tired because of weakness.
4 The red spots appear on the skin either on the upper back or chest or both the parts.
5. The rashes may al so appear on the part of the face.
6 Then the patients find some papules on the body. These papules turn into blisters and finally become pustules. These pestles fall off gradually after becoming scars.
7 The duration of this disease is three weeks. Sometimes the disease recovers within one or two-week.
1. Commonly this disease is caused by virus.
2. This disease will be caused only to the children in the small age because of the wrong feeding by the mother and negligence of health upon their children.
1. Green Pea water is a beneficial and effective remedy for the recovery by this disease.
2. Honey, when smeared on the skin helps to heal pestles earlier.
3. Because of sponging of the baking soda water, red spots on the skin, dry up.
4. By rubbing the Vitamin E oil a the skin the marks left by chicken pox, will at once be faded away.
5. By having the both of warm water, mixed with brown Vonage the irritation of the skin will be relieved.
6. Usage of the soup, prepared by the carrots and coriander has also been found as the natural home remedy for the relief of this disease. But both the vegetable should be fresh and fine.
1 Before having the treatment the patient must be put on a juice diet at least for a couple of days.
2 Lemon juice is considered to be a remarkable home remedy for this disease.
3 Well balanced diet may be given to the patient only after getting relief to the maximum extent
4 The patient should be kept in a well ventilated place.
5 Luke warm water bath should be given to the patients everyday for the relief of itching.
6 The nails of the child should be kept clean in order to prevent the child by scratching.
7 It is better to use neem leaves in the luke warm water while having bath.
8 Mud packs should be applied on abdomen twice a day.
9. Similarly chest packs are also beneficial for the recovery
of this disease.

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