Cháògerí, Amliká,Sorrel, Amrul


Sanskrit: Cháògerí, Amliká

caaMgaerI,   •milak

Hindi: Amrul

English: Sorrel

Latin: Oxalis corniculata Linn. Part Used: Leaves

Habitat: Common weed throughout India Energetics: Astringent-cold-pungent Tissues: Plasma, blood

Systems: Digestive, excretory, circulatory

Action: Cold, refrigerant, antiscorbutic, appetiz- ing, astringent

Uses: Leaves—fever, inflammations, pain, appe- tite, scurvy, digestion, dyspepsia, intoxication, poisoning, difficult urination, bilious headaches, removes fibers over cornea or opacities of the cornea; Leaves boiled in yogurt/water (lassi), or mixed with honey or cane sugar for chronic dysentery, rectum prolapse, thirst and enteritis (small intes- tine inflammation), hemorrhoids; as a soup for convalescence from diarrhea. Juice—made into sherbet with honey or cane sugar for dysentery, rectum prolapse, thirst. Externally removes warts,corns, etc.; applied locally as a poultice to inflamed areas and pain. Leaf juice with pepper and ghee are applied externally to red spots or other skin eruptions due to bile, removes warts. Mixed with onions and applied to the head for bilious head- aches.

Precautions: Not taken with gout

Preparation: Juice, powder, paste, poultice, pill, soup, confection

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