Chakra Marda, Cassia


Sanskrit: Chakra Marda (ringworm destroyer)

caq madà


Hindi: Chakunda

English: Cassia

Latin: Cassia tora Linn.

Part Used: Leaves, seeds, roots

Habitat: This small plant grows in dry soil in tropi- cal India and in Bengal.

Energetics: Plasma

Systems: Circulatory

Action: Externally—germicide, antiparasitical; Internally—gentle laxative

Uses: Seeds and leaves are used for skin diseases. Mixed with lime juice, eases skin itch and erup-

tions; ringworm (used externally). Leaf decoctions (1 part leaves : 10 parts water) given in two ounce doses to children, removes fevers during teething. Leaves boiled in castor oil are applied to foul ul- cers and inflammations. As a poultice, leaves has- ten suppuration. Warmed they reduce gout, sciatica, and joint pains. Seeds are used as a substitute for tea and coffee.

Preparation: Decoction, paste, poultice, oil

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