Home Remedies with CASTOK OIL

To cool the body and promote hair growth and prevent dandruff, apply castor oil on the head.
To give relief from stomach ache and flatulence in a baby, apply castor oil, smeared on a warm beetle leaf and give fomentation to the stomach of the baby.
To treat joint pains and bring down the swelling and pain, give fomentation with castor oil applied on castor plant leaf.
To get relief from body pain and induce sound sleep, apply castor oil to the whole body; wait for half an hour and have a hot water bath.
To induce loose motion and get rid of stomach-ache, give two spoons of castor oil with lemon juice to drink.
To get relief from eye inflammation, grind peeled castor seeds with breast milk and apply to the eyes.
To treat blood-shot eyes having prickly sensation, mix pure castor oil with breast  milk and put a few drops into the affected eyes.

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