Home Remedies with CARDAMOM

To prevent vomiting and giddiness, add cardamom powder to a glass of lemon juice ‘ and drink it.
To cure lever problems, consume cardamom powder added to cumin seeds decoction in water and drink it.
As a precaution against probable food poisoning, eat cardamom, which acts as an anti toxic agent, before taking food.
To treat piles and constipation, eat one full cardamom with a plantain every day.
To cure Diarrhoea and the burning sensation during urination, take cardamom added to tea everyday.
To treat urine infection, add cardamom powder to milk and boil it. Add three spoons of honey and take every night regularly. This also improves memory power and acts as an aphrodisiac, resulting in greater enjoyment of sex.
To remove bad mouth odour, reduce thirst, improve appetite and cure vomiting sensation, chew and eat cardamom seeds.

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