BOILS (Common Inflammation of the Skin)

Boils are the common ailments which are inflamed Puss filled swellings in the skin, having large red space.
These occur because of the infection of the hair follicles of the skin. These boils are quite painful particularly when it appears on the nose, and ears. Mostly we will observe these boils in young chaps they occur on the space of face, neck, and thighs.
1  Appearance of the red noddles on the skin.
2 Pus filling in the same area.
3  Very painful to touch.
4   The patient feels irritation and itching.
5  Fever will also accompany in this condition.
1 By applying the juice of garlic or onion on the boils. Because of this remedy, the boils ripen, and breaks with pus coming out.
2  By sipping the juice of bitter gourd mixed with lime juice in empty stomach.
3  By pinching the turmeric powder on the boils in the form of poultice.
4   Warmed betel leaves, coated with the castor oil, to be spread on the boils, replacing several times every few hours.
5. Applying the turmeric powder on the boils to speed up the process of heating.
6. Usage of mangos leaves in the form of poultice, decoction.
1 In the beginning patient may fast a the orange juice
2 The Patient should adopt a well-balanced diet.
3 The patient should avoid tea, coffee and even sugary foods.
4 Benter to avoided the food manufactured by white wheat flour.
5 The patient should also avoid the use of pickles, condiments.
6 Dry message in the morning with a cold sponge.
7 Breathing and outdoor exercises are quite beneficial in this condition

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