Increased estrogen production can make your gums soft, swollen, and prone to bleeding. Proper diet and supplements will reduce the severity of bleeding gums.




Recommended Food

Good sources of calcium include sea vegetables, green leafy vegetables (with the exception of spinach), soybeans, and unsweetened cultured yogurt.

Enjoy citrus fruits and green vegetables for vitamin C



Food to Avoid

Spinach, rhubarb, tomatoes, and chocolate inhibit your bodys ability to absorb calcium.



Super Seven Prescriptions—Bleeding Gums


Super Prescription #1    Vitamin C

Take 200 mg twice daily. Try a nonacidic vitamin C to prevent digestive upset.


Super Prescription #2    Homeopathic Ferrum Phosphoricum

Take 3 pellets of a 6x potency twice daily. This homeopathic remedy safely reduces bleeding and inflammation. Take until the bleeding stops, then discontinue.


Super Prescription #3    Bioflavonoid complex

Take 250 mg twice daily. Bioflavonoids reduce inflammation of the gums.


Super Prescription #4    Prenatal multivitamin

Take as directed on the container. It supplies a variety of nutrients that are required for gum health.


Super Prescription #5    Calendula (Calendula officinalis)

Put 15 drops of calendula tincture in 2 ounces of water. Swish it in your mouth, and spit it out. Calendula is healing to the mucosa of the gums.


Super Prescription #6    Homeopathic Mercurius Solubilis

Take a low potency (6x, 12x, 6C, 12C, or 30C) twice daily for swollen, bleeding gums that are accompanied by heavy salivation and bad breath. Stop using it when the bleeding stops.


Super Prescription #7    Myrrh cerifera

Put 15 drops of myrrh tincture in 2 ounces of water. Swish it in your mouth, and spit it out. Myrrh is healing to the mucosa of the gums.






In the morning and before you go to bed, use your finger to massage your gums lightly.

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