Bitters: PK- V++


Uses: Reduces toxins, toxins in blood and weight;destroys infection and áma; high fever,

heat, Pitta conditions, fever in blood, internal fe- ver, heated liver, much thirst, sweating, inflamma- tion, infection, bile regulator (hepatitis, jaundice), fat and sugar metabolism regulator (spleen-diabe- tes), antitumor (malignant and benign); use only until pathogens are destroyed.


Herbs: aloe, barberry, chiráyatá, gentian, golden seal, kaóuká, and neem.

Three types of bitters: Bitter aromatics have properties of both bitters (simple) and aromatics


Bitter simple herbs stimulate only the GI tract Bitter styptic herbs add styptic and astringent prop- erties to those of bitterness

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