B^ihatí, Kaòþakárí, Birhatta, Indian Nightshade, Solanum indicum Linn.

Sanskrit: B^ihatí



Hindi: Kaòþakárí, Birhatta

English: Indian Nightshade

Latin: Solanum indicum Linn.

Part Used: Fruit, root, plant, seeds Habitat: Common throughout India Energetics: Astringent

Tissues: Plasma, blood, reproductive

Systems: Respiratory, reproductive, urinary, circu- latory

Action: Plant—cordial, aphrodisiac, astringent, carminative, cardiac tonic, resolvent; root—di- uretic, expectorant, stimulant, diaphoretic.

Uses: Asthma, dry and spasmodic cough; difficult childbirth, chronic fevers, chest pains, colic, gas, worms, scorpion stings, difficult urination, edema, enlarged and spleen; catarrh. Burning seed smoke is used for toothache (it is usually used along with other herbs). The root is one of the da¤hmúl ingre- dients, and is usually mixed with other roots. It is good for edema, cough, mucus. Decoctions help dysuria.

Preparation: Decoction, powder

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