Bhúámalakí, Bhúy ámalakí; Niruri, Phyllanthus niruri


Sanskrit: Bhúámalakí BaU•amalakI

Hindi:         Bhúy ámalakí; Niruri English: None

Latin: Phyllanthus niruri Linn. (P. urinaria) Part Used: Leaves, root, whole plant

Habitat: A perennial herb in Central and Southern India, to Sri LankaEnergetics: PK- V+

Tissues: Semen, plasma, blood, fat

Systems: Digestive, reproductive, urinary

Action: Bitter, astringent, de-obstruent, stomachic Uses: The main herb for the liver; colitis, certain edema, gonorrhea, menorrhagia, urogenital diseases, dysentery, diabetes, dyspepsia; jaundice. Externally—poultice for ulcers, inflammations, sores, swellings, itch and other skin diseases; spongy and bleeding gums; uvulitis, tonsillitis. Preparation: Infusion, juice, poultice, powder, pill

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