Energetics: Sweet, astringent/hot/sour V K+ P+ in excess or ulcers. (Unripe: astringent PK-, V+)


Action: Astringent, refrigerant, laxative, nutritive, tonic, heavy, strengthening, aphrodisiac


Indications: Unripe—diarrhea, dysentery, cough, lung bleeding, infants and young children, nerves, alcoholism, Váyu hypertension, heart disorders, protects against strokes, diarrhea, hemorrhoids, high in potassium, vitamin C, and carbohydrates. When taken with ghee and cardamom, bananas alleviate hypoglycemia, constipation, and muscle cramps; also build muscle and fat; and nerve and reproductive tissues.


Precautions: Not used for Pitta with ulcers, hard to digest, do not drink liquids for one hour after eating a banana. They are not be eaten with milk or yogurt, or eaten when suffering from fever, edema, vomiting, or cough with mucus.

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