BALDNESS Loss of hair

The people think that there is no essentiality in life for hair But it is riot correct. The hair on the head protects by the heat. Cosmetically the necessity of the hair to the man, is to the most .extent The hair on the head decreases the mental strain. The growing age of the hair is up to 30 years of age. Because for the beauty of the face hair is more essential.
1 Because of the loss of the nutrition
2. Be use of this lack, the hair on the head begins to fall.
3. Evenbecaiise of worry mindedness by sudden shock anda lack m Vitamin B
4. Because of the severe long diseases like ‘Flu’, ‘Typhoid’ etc.
5. Even by the hereditary conditions.
1. Amla oil is considered to be the best home remedy for the rapid growth of hair and even to prevent it from the falling. This oil should be prepared by boiling the dry pieces in coconut oil. The least quantity of lime juice should be mixed, before using.
2. By applying the coconut milk all over the scalp of the head But the milk should be prepared by grinding coconut shavings and be squeezed well and good.

3. Onion may also be used in this condition. The bladed part should be well rubbed by the onion first and then nibbled by honey.
4 By applying the paste prepared by lime-pepper seeds. Because of this way. the hair gets the rapid growth gradually.
5. The paste prepared by red grams is also beneficial to apply for the growth and fall of hair from the head
6. Mustard oil and henna leaves should be boiled and paste should be prepared. By of applying the same on the head for the production of abundant hair.
7 By washing the head with the decoction of neem leaves, we may prevent the hair from falling,
8 By applying the paste by liquorice on the patch of baldness.
1 The patient should take daily sufficient amount of nutrients in his daily diet.
2. Seeds, nuts, fruits and vegetables should be daily utilised, for having essential nutrients.
3. Milk and honey should be taken after the meals regularly for the rapid growth of hair.
4. The practice of hair wash daily is also preventable in falling of hairs.
5. We must clean the hair daily and but it by a hand towel after the hair wash.

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