BAD BREATH (Halitosis)

This ailment is more dangerous yet more people neglect the same knowingly or unknowingly. This ailment refers to certain foul.
1. Gives bad smell from the month.
2. Pain in the teeth, certain times.
1. The diseased gums are the common cause of this ailment.
2. Because of the foul-smelling from the teeth.
3. Because of the small holes i n the teeth from where four smell comes out.
4. Because of the discharge at the back of the throat.
5. Because of the infections of the nose, throat etc.
6. Because of gastrointestinal disorders by chronic constipation.
1. By using the tea prepared by the seeds of fenugreek.
2. Raw juice of all fruits and vegetables are beneficial in curing this disease.
3. Unripened Guava is considered to be more helpful in preventing this ailment.
1. Well balanced fruit diet is very suitable in curing halitosis.
2. Eggs, meat, carbohydrate’foods, not to be used while suffering.
3. The teeth should be cleaned twice or thrice daily after having lunch and meals
4. Better to eat a raw apple after the meals
5. The use of the twigs of neem tree, is considered to be healthy, if used as tooth-brush.
6 Meat particles and food particles from the holes of the teeth, should be removed carefully.

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