Ashoka, Anganapriya, Saraca indica Linn.

Sanskrit: Ashoka


Hindi: A¤hoka, Anganapriya

English: Ashoka Tree

Latin: Saraca indica Linn.

Part Used: Bark,

Habitat: Found throughout India; cultivated in gar– dens for its beautiful flowers

Energetics: Bitter, astringent-cold-pungent

Tissues: Blood, fat, reproductive

Systems: Reproductive

Action: Astringent, sedative

Uses: A main herb for uterus health; uterine/ova– rian fibroid and tumors, menorrhagia, dysmenor– rhea, colic or abdominal pain, uterine prolapse, in- flammatory conditions, colitis, urinary stones, bleeding hemorrhoids, bleeding dysentery. Bark for skin conditions. Prevents miscarriage (gheeform) from 2nd trimester).

Preparation: Decoction, powder, pill, ghee, paste, herbal wine

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