Arka, Gigantic Swallowort

Sanskrit: Arka



Hindi: Aka

English: Gigantic Swallowort

Latin: Caltropis gigantea R. Br.

Part Used: Root, root bark, leaves, juice, and flow- ers [two varieties; purple/red flowered or white flowered (C. procera)]

Habitat: Shrub is mainly found in wastelands in lower Bengal, Himalayas, Punjab, Assam, Madras, South India, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Malay Islands, South China

Energetics: Pungent, bitter-hot-pungent Red KP- White V

Tissues:Plasma, muscles, fat, nerves

Systems: Digestion, circulation, nervous, urinary, water metabolism

Action: Special care is taken while using this herb, as it is poisonous. Mucilaginous, digestive, sto- machic, tonic, antispasmodic, emetic (large doses), diaphoretic, (root bark—alterative), purgative, ex– pectorant, anthelmintic, acrid, antiparasitical Uses: Promotes secretion (especially of bile), in- testinal muscle sedative, heart (used like digitalis), phlegm purge, depilatory, parasitic infection, re- duces pain, difficult/painful urination, skin dis- eases, abdominal disorders, dysentery, syphilis, fevers with enlarged liver and cough; intermittent fevers, hemorrhoids, edema. Leaves are for paraly- sis, anesthesia, and toxic asthma. Flowers—diges- tive tonic and stomachic, small doses stimulate capillaries, skin (including elephantiasis, leprosy), asthma. Milky juice—violent purgative, G.I. irri- tant.

Preparation: Paste, powder, pill

Precaution: Special care is to be taken while using this herb, as it is poisonous. Do not use while preg– nant. Use only with the advice of an Áyurvedic specialist

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