APPENDICITIS (Inflammation of Appendix)

This disease arises because of any defect in the appendix. Appendix is in the form of tube shape. This is attached to the large intestine in our body. This type of disease occurs in both the sexes, in between the age of ten and twenty-five. Symptoms
1 Begins with the light pain in the centre place of the abdomen.
2 The pain gradually increases and fever accompanies.
3  The patient suffers from mild nausea also.
1  Occurs by the excess amount of poisons waste material in the cecum.
2  Because of caused inflection and inflammations because of certain germs in the intestine.
1 Before taking the remedy, the consultation with the doctor is quite necessary.
2. chapatis prepared by the sterilised brand of wheat is found beneficial as home remedy to this disease.
3. Butter milk in plenty, should be taken by the patient
4. Infusion of green gram is an excellent home remedy, if taken daily twice or thrice
5. The combination of cucumber and beetroot juice is also considered very suitable remedy for this disease, when taken twice a day for at least a week.
6. The tea prepared by Fenugreek seeds is also helpful in preventing the increase of this disease.
1 In the beginning of the disease the patient should depend j
only a drinking the water to a limit If not vomiting may I start
2. At least after four days from the beginning the patient I may be kept on fruit diet
3. After a little cure he may be served with well-balanced I diet.
4 The white wheat flour and continental things should not be used in foods
5. Complete rest to the patient a the fine remedy in this
6 Warm water anemia is suitable to the patient in the beginning for cleaning the lower bowel
7 Hot compresses are safety to the patient over the painful parts, several times in a day.

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