Aphrodisiac: S- Vajíkarana

Aphrodisiac: [S Vajíkarana; H- Namardi-kidawa]

Uses: Gives great power or vitality by reinvigorat- ing the body and sexual organs, if directed spiritu- ally (upward), body, mind, and spiritual growth is gained; revitalizes all seven dhátus.

Two types exist:

a) tonics,

b) stimulants.

Tonics: Develop tissue substance; Stimulants: increase the functioning of the reproductive organs.

[Emmenagogues more specific for women]

Herbs: Angelica, a¤hwagandhá, asparagus, fenugreek, fo-ti, ginseng, gokßhura, hibiscus,kapikachhú seeds, pippalí, rose, saffron, and ¤hatávarí

Some enhance spermatogenesis (¤hukrala) or Nutritive tonics—increase semen and breast milk: a¤hwagandhá, balá, fo-ti, ghee, licorice, marsh- mallow, sesame seeds, ¤hatávarí, and raw sugar

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