Antispasmodic: S- Vikashí

Antispasmodic: [S- Vikashí; H- Badan Ki AinthanWa Maror Ko Dur Wa Kam Karnewali]


Uses: Relieves or prevents spasms of the volun- tary and involuntary muscles (also see nervines) by strengthening nerves and the nervous system; cramps, tremors, convulsions, práòa, bronchodilators, menstrual cramps, nerve pain,headaches, open mind and senses, high Váyu, hy– persensitivity, nervousness, lumbago, sciatica, pa- ralysis, degenerative nerve disorders, Váyu emo- tions cause weak kidneys, insomnia, mental insta- bility, numbness, and ungroundedness.

Herbs: Váyu and KaphaÁ¤hwagandhá, basil (tulsí), calamus, guggul, licorice, myrrh, sage, and vásák, Pittabetony, bráhmí (gotu kola), bh^i´garáj, jaóámáò¤hí, peppermint, sandalwood, and spearmint.

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