ANOREXIA (Appetite- Loss)

This ailment refers to the loss of appetite. This ailment occurs in the disturbance of digestion. Due to this defect, stomach-activity fails and secretion of gastric juices commence.
1. Suffering from insomnia.
2. Food taking decreases.
1. Because of taking the faulty diets.
2. Because of taking the diets irregularly.
3. Because of the decreases of the hard work.
4. Due to the stress and strain by domestic worries.
5. Because of nervous disorders
6 Owing to the emotional conditions.
7. Because of certain other diseases.
1. Daily in taking a few oranges to set right the digestion work.
2. Mixing the sour grapes to the flour kneading, before cooking chapatis.
3. According to the process “ An apple a day, keeps the doctor away”, to use fruity apples in the daily diet.
4. Ginger should be grounded and be mixed with a little salt. Then it should be used once or twice daily to avoid the loss of appetite.
5. One tea-spoon of lime juice mixed with the equal quantity of ginger juice and then to take it after the meals for restoring the lost appetite.
6. Garlic cloves should be boiled in a cup water and should be taken daily twice for certain days.
1. The patient should take a sensible diet in this period.
2. The fast on orange juice for first 5 days.
3. After the juice fast, all fruit diet should be adopted.
4. There afterwards the restricted diet of easily digestible foods should be given to the patients.
5. Applying the ice bag on the stomach for ,30 minutes, before taking meals.
6. To have cool dip bath daily once.
7. Even the sun bath and the cool airdate is beneficial during this period.

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