Amnesia (Loss of Memory)

Amnesia means “Loss of Memory”. In this connection i he patient forgets the names of things and even his pet persons Sometimes he forgets even certain words while speaking. This, is called in Kannada “Aralu – Maralu”. This type of disease occurs in old age, i.e., after sixty years. In this condition of forgetting, the patient will not even be able certain times, even liisvb identify and can not even his identify and can not even i call of the events past.
This is because of the impairment of the brain cells owing lo certain diseases or sudden shock.
1 The patient forgets the words or things known to him
2. Loss of memory gradually increase.
3.  The patient partially forgets of the families things known to him.
4.  Weakness of brain work progress.
1. Impatience in the brain work is the main loss of the loss of memory.
2. Due to the poor blood supply in circulation.
3  Even because of psychological events this disease may occur all at once.
4 Certain times this type of poor remembrance Causes because of the result from the sudden shock.
1. The herb by name “Rose Mary” is considered to be the best home remedy while suffering from “Amnesia”.
2. It is declared as an antidote for mental tiresome and forgetfulness.
3 Using the tea, prepared by the flowers of this plant considered to be the effective natural remedy for the cure of this disease,
4.  Brahmibooti should be dried in the cold shady place and then should be grounded in the water well along with almonds and pepper A little sugar should be added to the mixed water. By taking as treatment at least for a fort night the patient feels “Cured”.
5. If the diseases caused by brain weakness, almonds are valuable in restoring the memory.
6. Even the tea made from the dried sage leaves, cures the disease if it is taken regularly twice a day for certain months.
7. Apples are beneficial in this disease. Because these fruits contain Vitamin B, phosphorus etc which controls the wear and tear of nerves cells. Apples act as an effective nerve tonic.
8 The patient gets cured, when he uses the black cumin seeds, mixed-with honey once in the rfioming daily for certain days.
9 The powder of the black paper should be mixed in a tea-spoon of honey when used daily once for a some time the patient may get relief from the disease.
10. Phosphorus rich foods like fruits juices, eggs, Cows milk, should be used in plenty till cured completely.
11. Sufficient rest and sleep is also necessary for the relief by this disease

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