Alterative- Rakta Shodhana Karma

Alterative: [S- Parivartakas or Rakta Shodhana Karma; H- Badal-de-ne-wali] PK- V+; cold, bit- ter, astringent


Uses: Cleanses and purifies the blood; heals sores, boils, tumors, cancers; reduces fevers and Pitta; detoxifies the liver, kills parasites and worms; helps in the treatment of infectious, contagious diseases and epidemics, flu, acne, herpes, venereal disease, lymphatics. Externally, used on wounds, sores ulcers, etc.


Cold Herbs: Aloe, neem, mañjißhþhá, sandalwood, red clover, and burdock


Hot Herbs: Bayberry, black pepper, cinnamon, myrrh, and safflower

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